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We at Maalich farm believe in the power of synergy.

Maalich Farm Limited has successfully implemented a holistic and integrated farming approach, synergizing the cultivation of crops, livestock rearing, and fodder production to create a sustainable and profitable agricultural system. The farm's strategic integration of these activities minimizes waste, optimizes resources, and adds value to its products. Here's a breakdown of how Maalich Farm achieves this integration:



300 Acres


50 Acres

Fodder -Hay production

20 Acres

Buildings, Animal holding structures & Water Reservoirs

330 Acres

Other use

Empowering Community

Community Engagement

Maalich Farm actively engages with the local community to share knowledge and best practices.

Enhancing Food Security

Integrating both crop cultivation and livestock will create a more resilient and sustainable food production system, providing a safety net.

Preservation of Cultural Identity

Empowering pastoral communities through farming endeavors aims to respect and preserve their cultural identity.

Why we're different

Holistic Sustainability Approach

We go beyond traditional farming by seamlessly integrating diverse crops, livestock, and sustainable practices, creating harmonious ecosystems that prioritize environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Empowering Women and Youth

Our commitment to women and youth empowerment sets us apart, with targeted programs, mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities that contribute to inclusive and sustainable community development.

Integrated Farming Model

Maalich Farm stands out with its integrated farming model, where livestock, crops, and tree seedlings complement each other, promoting natural fertilization, pest control, and overall ecosystem health.

Bundled Farm Initiative

Our bundled farm initiative isn't just about crops; it's a comprehensive solution fostering economic growth, improved living standards, and enhanced agricultural practices for the entire community.

Community-Centric Approach

We differentiate ourselves by directly addressing the needs of local communities, offering employment opportunities, skill development, and access to markets, leading to a more resilient and prosperous society.

Strategic Scalability

Maalich Farm's approach to scalability isn't just about growth; it's a strategic expansion that includes increased production, livestock diversification, value-added processing, agritourism, and building partnerships for a sustainable and impactful future.